Kinekt for Therapy

Injured? In rehab? Got pain? Need to focus on prevention?
The Kinekt Post’s ability to isolate and insulate your body from the negatives allow you to perform at your optimal level, whatever that level is. Start slow…ride far…ride comfortably.

Cycling is an ideal, non-impact activity for most people and is prescribed by nearly every doctor and Physical Therapist to keep you healthy, active and safe. But riding a bike can be uncomfortable with countless small impacts and constant vibrations that resonate into the sensitive parts, or injured parts of the body. Whether on a stationary trainer or quite urban pathways…our bodies often need extra care, extra support and extra assistance to help keep it safe and moving…and to help it heal.  Kinekt Post is a tunable system that allows for the creation of the feel and comfort that YOU need to keep YOU spinning along.

The Kinekt Post may help in various therapeutic applications, such as:
Multiple Sclerosis
Hip or femoral injuries/surgeries
Soft-tissue irritation
Perennial numbness
Internal organ isolation
Upper and lower Spinal Issues


Always consult your doctor before considering BodyFloat as a therapeutic solution