Kinekt is a ‘Controllable Articulation at the Ideal Location’ and is unique from all other frame and/or seatpost suspension systems. Kinekt is also more effective and arguably more efficient than others due to several critical, yet simple key factors. The Kinekt mechanism is a controllable articulation located at the most important point of contact between the bike and the body, directly under the saddle. Kinekt has 3 primary features that other suspension systems either lack or cannot provide…and of these features, nobody else employees all three!

1 – Infinite Tunability = Easily achieve any feel desired

2 – Vertical Travel = Minimal travel of the bike, NOT the body

3 – Non-Damped = A friction-free mechanism

1- Infinitely Tunable: Every human body is different, and we all ride different bikes so a simple and effective adjusting method was engineered: “Righty tighty, lefty loosey.” Kinekt will achieve any feel desired via a simple combination of spring rate (the color of the springs) and spring tension, controlled by the rider. Smooth as a Cadillac, responsive as a race-car, all terrain like a Subaru…and anything in-between, it’s your choice.

2 – Vertical Travel: For the Body to maintain its position and use less energy, the bike must move freely, yet minimally, under the rider effectively isolate from vibrations. Minimizing and controlling bike/saddle vertical movement under the body will optimize both bike’s connection to the terrain and body’s connection to the bike. Road and trails consist of, primarily, high frequency, low amplitude features that are a nearly constant. Bounce is caused by a combination of BOTH terrain features and body movement, otherwise known as pedal induced bounce (see below for more information on Bounce).

3 – Non-Damped: Damping is an important and critical element of all suspension systems. Kinekt taps into the best damping system ever…the human body. High frequency isolation is most effectively achieved without mechanical damping, and is why we spec colored steel springs. Kinekt’s non-damped mechanism truly engages your body’s phenomenal damping capacity, thus saving energy, reducing fatigue and increasing performance. Without damping, the bike is now free to match whatever high frequency/low amplitude features the terrain throws at it. Now you can stay seated and ride through nearly everything! There are 2 small endpoint elastomers located within the spring guides that soften the endpoints, before the springs either bottom or top out. This literally allows for the
entire travel range to be as friction free as possible.