The patented Kinekt design works differently and feels different than anything on the market. Though it may look similar to other designs, Kinekt truly combines incredible comfortable with efficient high performance. Kinekt’s design contains 3 specific features (see below: Infinite Tuning, Minimal Vertical Travel & No Damping) that allow for an elevated level of cycling experience and separate it from other Suspension Seatposts that have come before.

All suspension systems rely on damping (such as elastomers, fluids or friction) to control resonance and absorb and dissipate energy. Because Kinekt is an ‘undamped mechanism’ it is the ONLY system that can truly ‘isolate’ the rider from the constant inherent vibrational energy of cycling. Kinekt effectively taps into the human bodies incredible capacity as the most controllable, effective and efficient damping system ever created. Kinekt takes full advantage of the body as a perfect system of joints, muscles and fluids, to become an integral part of the comfort + performance solution.