4 simple colors: White, Purple, Black & Orange
Spring colors correlate to spring rate. Different spring colors can be mixed and matched together to produce different results to better match rider desires.

XS = White; generally for riders between 25-100 lbs // 10-45kg
S = Purple; generally for riders between 100-150 lbs // 45-68kg
M = Black: generally for riders between 150-200 lbs // 68-91kg
L = Orange; generally for riders between 200-260 lbs // 91-118kg

See Advanced Tuning instruction for more information on how and why to combine different springs to produce different feels.

Spring Tension & Pre-load Control:
Spring tension/pre-load are controlled by a simple Tension bolt on the rear of the Kinekt Post, a 4mm hex (or tool free Control Knob). Preferred spring tension will very greatly between riders due to that rider’s saddle pressure and desired feel. Turning the tension bolt clockwise or counter-clockwise (Righty Tighty – Lefty Loosey) will offer a variety of different feels and performance levels for the same bike & rider. See Advanced Tuning instructions for more information.