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Simply choose your best fit (by rider weight) from our 4 base configurations.

50 – 100 lbs

100 – 150 lbs

150 – 200 lbs

200 – 250 lbs

Choose Your Kinekt Post

Mount it.  Ride it.  Love it.
All Models
– Constructed from high-strength aluminum alloys.
– Interchangeable springs for varying riding styles and rider weights.
– Easy to access tuning bolt or control knob.
– Up to 1.5″ (38mm) of vertical travel.

3.0 Models
– Control Knob included.
– Saddle adjustment indicators.

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Replacement Springs

Hone in on the perfect ride!
Fine-tune your ride with a simple spring swap out and some tuning tips from our pros on our tech/tuning page.  Need some help finding your best spring combination?   Use our calculator to narrow down your choices, or just get one of each spring and go nuts!

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Seatpost Shim/Adapter

We’ve got a shim for every bike.
Kinekt Post is available with a 27.2mm, 30.9mm, or 31.6mm post diameter (Aluminum Only) but we have shims to fit almost every frame made.   Just choose the size you need.   If you don’t see what you need, shoot us an email.  We’ll find you one.

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Control Knob

Ditch the tools.  Your hand is all you need.
Our control knob allows you to make adjustments on the fly when terrain goes from smooth to rough and back to smooth again.  This item is an upgrade for the Kinekt 2.0 series and early model 3.0 series.

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Kinekt Post Wrap

Keep your Kinekt Post shiny!
Protection from the elements keeps everything performing like new

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