Kinekt for Tandems

A tandem is an amazingly fun, fast and exhilarating vehicle that allows for many miles to be shared and enjoyed together as one.  But there are still two very different bodies upon that bike.  Like they say “A happy stoker = a happy captain’.  The stoker often rides at the whim of the captain and can only react to terrain upon promoting and coordination…often resulting in a ‘SORRY” from the captain.  The Kinekt Post takes the shock out of those ‘oops’ moments and helps keep the stoker connected…and happy.  Also, as a captain, you are more constricted on the bike than on a single  and it is more difficult to adjust to terrain coming under you without altering pedal stroke and communicating the upcoming variant.  That long wheel-base does provide some help…add a Kinekt Post under the Captains saddle and take the tandem to the next level.