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Why Kinekt?

Comfort of Suspension Performance WITH Connection

A Consistent connection at the saddle is critical for a more comfortable, controllable ride. Isolation from a wider spectrum of surface vibrations, bumps and body movements enhances traction and control at all points of contact. By addressing rider and bike movements simultaneously, Kinekt Post redefines the way a rider can stay connected to their bike.

Tunable, Vertical, Self-Damped Compliance to provide:

  • Maximum Comfort
  • Reduced Fatigue
  • Improved Traction & Control

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What’s Your Ride?

Ideal for any bike, any rider, any style.


Ultimate Comfort and Control

Road Cycling

Drive Performance with Comfort

Urban / Commuter

Enjoy Any Road


Let comfort drive your riding experience


Captain and stoker unite!!

Adventure / Touring

Be Ready for Any Path

Mountain Bike

Bring it on.


Your body is your shrine

Mature Riders

Ride in comfort…ride more miles


FUN & Function

Gravel & Cyclocross

Ride any path. Smooth any surface.

Any Bike

Any Surface, Anybody

Kinekt – BodyFloat Seat Post

A proper connection under the saddle supports and stablizes rider while improving control and comfort at all points of contact.

Tech / Tuning

Simple setup, advanced tuning, and spring replacement/maintenance instructions.

Features & Articles

Kinekted to your world.

How we Kinekt to Your World

Simply Propelled

Our goal is to complete extended self-propelled wilderness camping trips with our two young children. We love spending time together as a family outdoors, and we are at the forefront of the trend to get kids into the wilderness on big adventures. As a family we have travelled 6000 km by canoe in the Arctic, and another 6000 km by bike in South America.

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